Visual Communication

General Information

Visual communication is considered as the foundation of all kinds of visual design. In the business community nowadays, almost every profession and trade are related to visual communication. Wherever you lay your eyes upon, visual communication is involved, such as slide design for business presentation at workplaces, layouts of documents, reports and publications, interface design for websites and applications, photography, video, animation, fashion design, industrial design, etc.

For students who are interested in commercial design, graphic design and industries that are related to publication and editing, a world-class visual communication certificate is even more valuable, as owning a certificate for a professional software only implies that you are familiar with the tool, but not necessarily understand designing.

On the other hand, passing our visual communication examination is a recognition for your expertise in the design field. It means you know not only how to operate the software, but also the connotation of professional design and proves you as a truly competitive talent in the visual communication and design workplace.

Note: this examination does not include color theory. For the color theory certificate, please refer to SSE color theory certificate examination.

Examination Content

  • The basic theory of visual communication
  • The basic visual psychology
  • The principles of graphic design
  • The design principles of Visual Identity
  • Digital graphic design basics
  • Grammatology
  • Layout design basics

Examination Date and Registration

Please consult your national distributor.

Certificate Sample



  • The exam contains a total of 60 questions.
  • 20 true and false, 40 multiple choices.
  • Each question is worth 20 points, leads to full score of 1200 points.
  • Minimum passing score is 840 points.

Examination Time

60 minutes