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R Language Today

General Information

Based on the mathematical statistics package, R is a free software and shared with the S language. For exploratory data analysis, statistical methods and graphics, R provides the important source code. With the R programming skill, the professional data analysts can produce their own applicable codes like spreadsheet results, draw graphs, adding title, and design output for the desire purpose. With the R programmer certificate, you will have the confidence in managing the programming design and ability to manage data information which will make you desirable to the mainstream job market.

Examination Content

  • Data Structure and Data transform
  • Array and Matrix
  • Table and DataFrame
  • Read in and Write out data file
  • Control statements and Loops
  • Function
  • Graph

Examination Date and Registration

Please consult your national distributor.

Certificate Sample

R language


  • The exam contains a total of 50 questions.
  • 10 true and false, 35 multiple choices and 5 multiple responses.
  • Each question is worth 20 points, leads to full score of 1000 points.
  • Minimum passing score is 700 points.

Examination Time

60 minutes